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Shareholder Activism

An integrated team equipping clients with communication tools to defend against activists

The surge of shareholder activism sweeping through the corporate world is only accelerating, and virtually no company is immune.

Brunswick works hand-in-hand with clients facing the increasingly complex threat of activist investors – from defense preparation before an activist establishes a public position in a stock to a full-blown proxy fight.

In the planning stages, we work with executives across a client’s organization to identify possible areas of weakness that could be exploited by an activist investor, determine appropriate reactive messaging and establish the detailed protocol and logistics needed to respond quickly to the wide range of public and private activist approaches.

When a fight turns public, Brunswick has the global media and shareholder engagement expertise to launch extended campaigns – all underpinned by our in-house digital, creative and market research teams. Strategic use of social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn can provide a company with a powerful campaign advantage.

We know that a company’s ability to hold off an activist will depend on how well you conduct your campaign and convince investors you are right. We have a team of former lawyers, bankers, analysts and journalists who have successfully advised on many of the highest-profile activist fights, as well as behind-the-scenes preparation for clients large and small.

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