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ESG & Sustainable Business

If you want to be a leading business in today’s world, you need to demonstrate financial value alongside social value.

We work with clients to capture the character of their organization and demonstrate how they seek to create value across the breadth of their stakeholders; to their shareholders, customers and employees, and society at large.

This matters because it underpins their license to operate, mitigates risk and, by doing it well, creates opportunities to drive innovation and develop a powerful leadership position. Our role is to help companies identify and express how they do this effectively, often triggered by moments of change or challenge for the business. From that, we devise high-profile social impact campaigns that bring alive the character of the business.

We are a global network who bring tri-sector experience and work across sectors and issues. Our clients are the leaders of companies who recognize the importance of social value at the core of their business and are committed to developing real, tangible solutions. Read the latest Business & Society Spotlight for more.


The world is saying ‘What else is there to you, besides shareholder value?'

Lucy Parker Partner

Brunswick is a founding partner of the Open For Business coalition – a group of 22 multinational corporations, working to promote LGBT rights globally by making the economic and business case for LGBT inclusion. Together we work with senior business leaders in countries where LGBT people are discriminated against to create powerful advocates for change, hand-in-hand with local civil society partners. And at the global level we help by putting the economic case for LGBT rights on the agenda of global media and top tier platforms including the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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