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Navigating a public, high-stakes legal matter requires a constant, careful balance of competing priorities

The right communications strategy helps a company achieve that balance by supporting the company’s legal position, while protecting its reputation.

Communications outside the courtroom can be tricky, particularly when a company is fighting on multiple fronts and anything said in one forum can have implications in another. But time and again, we’ve seen that litigants that prioritize the outside world – with its echo chamber of 24-hour news and digital-user-led discussions – better weather the litigation storm.

Chambers Badge: Brunswick 2023 Litigation SupportChambers and Partners’ Litigation Support Guide 2023 has ranked Brunswick Group as “Band 1” advisers globally, in the United States and United Kingdom for Litigation Communications — the only firm to receive the top ranking and the sixth consecutive year Brunswick has achieved this distinction. Ellen Moskowitz, Charlie Potter, and Antony Dunkels were also profiled as “Ranked Individuals” for their exceptional work in litigation communications in this year’s guide.

Brunswick serves as a link between a company’s communications and legal teams. We work to ensure mutual understanding of needs and challenges so that communications can help accomplish business goals in light of legal challenges and risks.

Brunswick’s litigation communications practice is made up of experienced professionals, including former practicing attorneys, who are familiar with complicated legal contexts and sensitivities. We have significant experience working on high-profile issues, crises, and litigation situations affecting corporate value.

Our work in collaboration with legal counsel allows us to create and execute a communications strategy that is aligned with the legal strategy, anticipates major challenges and litigation milestones, and repairs and protects a client's brand and reputation.