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Bringing the outside world in

Practice Groups

No business can resource for every risk or eventuality, so we have specialist teams with the experience and expertise to provide senior advice and seamless solutions.

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Experts in every industry. Our sector teams are handpicked for their background and experience so our clients can be absolutely confident that they understand every nuance of their particular issue. 

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Susan Gilchrist - Practice Groups

"No business situation is ever just financial anymore - it's financial, political and social.' Companies that understand that, and respond to that, are the ones that are going to be successful."

Susan Gilchrist, Chair of Global Clients, on the depth and breadth of Brunswick's Practice Groups.

Spotlight on: Digital

At Brunswick, we work with clients to apply data-driven digital strategies and tactics to address business critical challenges. Whether it’s reaching shareholders during a proxy fight or enhancing the launch of a major international transaction, we have seen social media move markets and influence investment decisions.

Our Digital Offer