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Energy & Resources

Our world, our economies and our society, depend upon energy and raw materials. 

But climate change, and the imperative to revolutionize global consumption patterns, are transforming the Energy & Resources industries.

That transformation will deliver the cleaner, fairer, healthier world we all want.

The work we do

At Brunswick, we help the world’s providers of energy and resources communicate what they do, why that matters, and how they can transform to meet the needs of society.

These businesses must demonstrate the value they create, manage critical issues and respond to extraordinary events – including systemic risks to their business.

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Our Energy Practice

The bulk of global energy demand is still being satisfied by traditional means.

The global transition to a low carbon, sustainable future will be delivered by a combination of existing and new energy providers.

The scale of the transition is immense: to achieve global climate goals it must largely be delivered in the next 10 to 15 years.

Our clients - Providing critical solutions to the world’s challenges

Brunswick advises traditional upstream and midstream operators, and energy services groups, throughout the value chain. We are at home with segment specialists and complex integrated providers.

Our clients have different roles to play in the transition, and are on different journeys.

But all companies can expect a higher profile and greater public scrutiny.

Metals & Mining

Our Metals & Mining Practice

We seek to help the world’s leading metals and mining companies communicate about what matters most to their businesses.

We work with senior leaders to analyze their business-critical issues and diverse stakeholder groups build their story, respond to extraordinary events, and secure licenses to operate for companies often with assets in remote regions of the world.

Our clients - Providing critical solutions to the world’s challenges

Every stage of the mine life cycle includes its own set of critical issues.

Mining is a long-term business like no other with investment decision to production often spanning decades.

Mining has always required a social license to operate. As societal expectations evolve, mining continues to respond and in many cases is leading the charge in incorporating ESG best practice.

As the world looks to decarbonize, it is the mining industry that will supply the metals needed for economic growth and the energy transition.

Post Carbon

Post-Carbon Industries

The climate crisis, digitalization, technology, regulatory reform and consumer demands are redrawing the boundaries of the energy ecosystem.

Established players and newcomers, in generation, transportation, storage, end-use and finance are driving realignment to a net zero norm.

Old business models are coming under stress and new ones are emerging. Stakeholders recognize the energy transformation will not affect just energy companies.

Our clients - Providing critical solutions to the world’s challenges

Our clients reflect the energy revolution.

We work with management teams accelerating the energy transition: cleantech disruptors, utilities and developers involved in low carbon solutions, smart grids, renewable deployment, storage, EVs and green finance providers.

We help them win share-of-voice, raise capital, gain greater cut-through, ensure their social license to operate and navigate regulatory regimes.

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