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Cybersecurity is about the stewardship of trust. When a company’s networks and systems are breached, the leadership and culture of the organization is exposed, for better or worse.

Can key stakeholders, including customers, employees, regulators, shareholders and the general public rely on you when you are faced with the discovery of a significant cyber crisis? What corporate governance and risk mitigation strategies do you have in place to navigate the various business impacts and reputational fall-outs from an attack?

Whether resulting in data breaches, operational disruptions, administrative shutdowns or security impacts, every cyber-based crisis has the potential to damage your reputation, sales and valuation. There may be an external perception of responsibility, even culpability by the company. How companies prepare for, respond to and lead after an attack is more important than the attack itself.

Unlike most other crises, timelines and key details are often muddied and uncertain – from when and how the attack took place to the resulting effects. All internal players, often with conflicting priorities, need to share information and coordinate response. Unusually, key external groups include non-regulatory government and private sector entities.

Brunswick helps companies prepare for and navigate these complexities while fiercely protecting your reputation at all times. Our network of security advisers, regulators, lawyers, media, politicians, analysts, investors and NGOs is unparalleled. Our relationships give our clients insight into the views of their most important stakeholders.

As attacks become ubiquitous, companies with a demonstrably robust approach to cybersecurity not only mitigate criticism in the event of a crisis, but position themselves as industry leaders.

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Our Services

Brunswick Group advises global clients on how to ensure their reputational resilience in the face of evolving cyber risks.

Cyber Crisis Preparedness

  • Assess business risks and reputational impacts of cyber attacks
  • Plan, exercise, and implement corporate-wide strategy for different cyber crises
  • Prepare company leadership and employees to lead through cyber crises

Cyber Crisis Response

  • Develop integrated, rapid-response strategy in alignment across business
  • Deploy coordinated company-wide response to engage all key internal and external stakeholders

Cyber Thought Leadership

  • Understand evolving policy and regulatory landscape
  • Lead the conversation on critical policy issues

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