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Healthcare & Life Sciences

We help our clients articulate their value to investors, partners, patients, and society

We help clients navigate the complex landscape for healthcare. We do this by combining our deep sector knowledge and our understanding of the issues that matter to innovators, investors, regulators, patients, practitioners, and providers.

We work with organizations across large pharma, medical devices, biotech, health tech, healthcare provision and health policy. We help our clients:

  • Articulate their value. Whether helping to demonstrate the impact of innovation on society, or to develop a strong equity story or the rationale for a transformative deal.
  • Deliver their messages with impact. Raising their profile in a crowded landscape and helping to get the issues they care about to the top of the healthcare agenda.
  • Build and maintain the right relationships. Whether helping to create a supportive operating environment or ensure a seat round the table on the major issues impacting their work.
  • Change perceptions among their audiences. Attracting the right support and developing impactful campaigns that change the way people look at and act on an issue.
  • Protect and enhance their reputation. Providing issues management support, helping to steer through uncertain external environments and demonstrating the organization’s values and integrity.

Brunswick’s global Healthcare and Life Sciences team combines communications excellence with deep healthcare expertise, spanning pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech, healthcare policy, finance and journalism.

Our Healthcare & Lifesciences team is co-led by Charis Gresser in the UK and Raul Damas in the US.



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