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Foundations, Education & Global Health

Communications and stakeholder engagement to deliver impact on the biggest challenges of our time

At Brunswick, we work with some of the biggest and most impactful philanthropic funders, educational institutions, multilateral organizations, and NGOs helping to address the greatest challenges of our time, from pandemics to climate change, inequality to access to education.

We advise the leadership teams of global organizations on communications strategy and stakeholder engagement – integrating our global capabilities in issue expertise, geopolitics, research, and creative campaigns. We help our clients run coordinated policy, advocacy, and communications campaigns to create real change. We also support our clients in managing reputational challenges and risk as they navigate shifting stakeholder expectations and evolving issue terrains.

Our clients often partner with businesses and governments to advance progress that those sectors cannot achieve on their own.

We have supported our clients in:

  • Mobilizing billions of dollars for pandemic response or multilateral replenishments
  • Protecting a foundation’s reputation and license to operate amid a global disinformation campaign
  • Earning global media attention for philanthropy-led climate action
  • Advising a leading university and academic medical center on issues and crisis management
  • Announcing historic philanthropic commitments that set the pace for ultra-high net-worth giving
  • Transforming an environmental NGO’s positioning and leadership narrative
  • Supporting a university through government investigations and litigation
  • Supporting the leaders of both world-renowned and emerging philanthropies to advance issues through their leadership and advocacy
  • Developing a digital amplification strategy to strengthen a university’s engagement and positioning with key stakeholders
  • Producing a creative film for the launch of a university’s new digital research tool to help both internal and external promotion

Our areas of expertise

Foundations, Philanthropy, and Non-Profits includes our work with major foundations and philanthropic funders. In addition to the areas above, we often advise our Philanthropy clients on the purpose, strategy, and communication of their giving plans and impact.

Education includes our work with major universities, schools, academic medical centers, research institutions, college sports, and other related areas.

Global Health & International Development includes our work in global health, international development, agriculture, adaptation, conservation, and related intersectional areas driving progress on challenges around the provision of global public investment. 

Our team

We are a global team of experts with diverse backgrounds – including former public affairs and communications leaders, academics, journalists, speech writers, content creators, and issue specialists – working across five continents.

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