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Technology, Media & Telecoms

Rapid pace of progress calls for clarity, consistency and authenticity

Technology is an extraordinary force for progress that is re-shaping economies and communities. The pace and scale of change it brings creates urgent debates over financing and valuation, regulation and social impact. These debates are becoming more critical, more urgent and more in need of clear communication.

We help technology, media and telecommunications companies engage in the debates shaping their industries and how their industries are changing the world.

From venture-backed start-ups to global industry leaders, we help companies navigate disruption, competition, globalization, regulation and a changing media landscape. Whether it’s a discussion over the shape of the company, the rules governing the market, or demonstrating the impact on modern life, we are passionate about being an active participant in the evolution of the information age.

Brunswick finds its place at the intersection of financial, social and political conversations where ideas are turned into action. We bring insights from investors and inventors, economists and employees, the C-Suite and the labor unions and connect all these to companies in the technology, media and telecommunications industry seeking to advance progress.

Brunswick Review - Technology, Media & Telecoms

We are pleased to launch the new digital home of the Brunswick Review.

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