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Crisis leadership is a better mindset than crisis management

We are proud of the clients we represent and aware of the trust and responsibility they place in us. That responsibility is felt most sharply at times of crisis.

Successful crisis navigation is not merely surviving, but emerging in a stronger position. At Brunswick, we believe that while you may not be able to manage a crisis, you can lead through a crisis. Effective leadership is defined by the ability to quickly and clearly grasp the issues and take appropriate action.

Tactical moves alone will never be enough. Leaders also need to have the right mindset and then communicate that mindset.

For more than 30 years, we have managed critical issues for clients. From tragic plane crashes to oil spills, corporate fraud to financial meltdowns, supply chain disruptions to major product recalls. We have been proud to stand by our clients at some of the most difficult moments in their histories. We have learned a lot in the process and continue to do so.

With backgrounds in law, journalism, government, and communications, we are a global network of advisors have handled corporate crises of every description from every possible vantage point.

Brunswick Review - Crisis

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