Lidia Fornasiero | Brunswick Group
Lidia Fornasiero
We can call upon colleagues on the other side of the world and they promptly jump in to help. I can fairly affirm that we have a huge pool of knowledge and expertise at our clients’ disposal, no matter where they are located.

Lidia Fornasiero

Director, Brussels

In her 15 years at Brunswick, Lidia has been advising clients in the strategic development of their communications and engagement plans, including campaign and narrative development, targeting multiple stakeholder groups, including EU policymakers, media and KOLs.

Over the years, Lidia has supported clients on complex cross-border projects, supporting them through reputation and issues management, government affairs, financial situations, crisis communications and corporate positioning across a number of sectors including consumer goods healthcare, industrial and finance. In Brussels, Lidia specialises on issues at the crossroad of consumer protection, nutrition, health and sustainability.

Prior to joining Brunswick in 2008, Lidia spent five years at UniCredit Group as the group’s spokeswoman and was responsible for international media relations.

Lidia is a PhD in Philosophy and holds a Postgraduate Master in Economy and Management. A native Italian speaker, she is fluent in English and French.