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Investor Engagement

Engaging with investors to shape perceptions and strengthen understanding

With our background in financial communications, we understand the issues companies face in dealing with the capital markets. Difficult earnings announcements, complex M&A transactions, thorny operational or governance issues and broadening the shareholder base are just a few of the issues we help clients navigate.

We deliver value for clients through:

  • A broader and deeper understanding of the company’s investment case: more appropriate shareholder base and wider sell-side coverage
  • A clearer demonstration of value: improved liquidity and competitive stock valuation
  • Stronger relationships with investors, analysts and financial media
  • More effective use of Executive and IR time: targeted investor outreach; using Brunswick as external support
  • Helping clients identify, understand and respond to emerging investor themes

We leverage Brunswick’s broad global collaborative network and combine it with deep capital markets expertise to offer informed, independent advice on engaging financial market audiences to shape perceptions and increase confidence.

With Brunswick, you benefit from a team that includes former investment bankers, analysts, governance experts, IRO’s, regulators, policy makers and journalists – a rare combination of skills which offers the right experience for every capital markets situation.