Antoine Soussaline | Brunswick Group
Antoine Soussaline
Sincerity and transparency are central to digital engagement. Long-term and meaningful engagement gives organisations, and especially executives, an opportunity to build business-critical relationships with their stakeholders.

Antoine Soussaline

Partner, Digital Asia-Pacific Lead, Hong Kong

Antoine understands the art of influence. From advisory to campaign work, he leads the Brunswick digital team across Asia, helping clients to make sense of, and an impact in, digital and social media arenas.

Whether supporting clients in activism campaigns, navigating a cyber crisis, or empowering business leaders to position themselves effectively, Antoine deftly keeps pace with the rapidly changing digital space.

Sharpened by a decade in the world of creative agencies, his expertise in digital marketing, design and technical development informs how Brunswick clients maintain and shape their presence online, react to unpredictable situations, and effectively manage potential risks.

Engagement is the lifeblood of Antoine’s work, and he is always focused on the strategic purpose and targeted audience for a digital initiative or campaign. From client stakeholders to internal teams, he fosters a culture of in-depth understanding when it comes to audiences, and is energized by new behavior, ways of thinking and opportunities. His time in London, the US and Argentina has granted him valuable insights into how different markets utilize digital tools, platforms and communications, and he effectively pivots between the audiences of Mainland China and global internet trends.