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Successful M&A requires thoughtful strategic insight, effective communications and flawless execution

Brunswick is the trusted advisor and leader in M&A communications, consistently at the top of the global mergers & acquisitions rankings.

We help clients develop effective communications strategies aimed at generating broad-based understanding of and support for the value proposition underpinning a transaction. We identify and engage key stakeholders around a company’s redefined strategic vision and path to growth through M&A, while simultaneously pre-empting and overcoming potential challenges including potential regulatory and political challenges to closing the deal. Brunswick is an integral part of the transaction team, and we work seamlessly with corporate clients and their legal and financial advisors.

Brunswick brings deep M&A experience, sector expertise, and local market knowledge to each transaction. Our M&A advisory practice consists of experts with significant deal experience and backgrounds in law, banking, government and journalism. This team delivers thoughtful advice based on experience, expert judgment and diverse views to senior company executives and board directors.

From preparing to announce a transaction to navigating the approval process in various jurisdictions to regulatory affairs to post-merger integration planning, Brunswick supports its clients through every step of the M&A process.

Brunswick has a long history of delivering leading-edge strategies in marquee transactions, continually redefining what is considered best practice in M&A communications.

To maximize the impact of M&A transactions and get buy-in from stakeholders from day one, Brunswick takes a campaign approach to M&A communications. Regardless of transaction size, level of complexity, or number of markets involved, we deliver innovative, best practice M&A strategies to our clients.

With offices located in major financial and regulatory centers worldwide, Brunswick is the only firm in its industry that can offer one seamless global team in M&A situations. We bring together insights from our in-house digital, social, creative & research teams to deliver an effective campaign around an M&A transaction.