Brunswick Group: Advising on Business Critical Issues Since 1987 | Brunswick

Built for the challenges facing business today

Brunswick helps clients engage on the issues that matter most, navigating the interconnected financial, political, and social arenas.

“Our purpose is to help the great value-creating organizations of the world play a more successful role in society.”

Sir Alan Parker

  1. Anyone that knows Brunswick knows it is home to exceptional talent at every level. The firm is a platform for top people to apply their collective experience and expertise to our clients’ critical issues.

  2. The breadth and depth of Brunswick’s networks gives our clients unique insights into the perspectives of top-tier influencers and decision-makers: we “bring the outside in”.

  3. Brunswick has an unparalleled track record of helping clients engage with their dynamic stakeholder universe – the financial community, the political and regulatory arenas, and social stakeholders.

  4. A global perspective and an international network of offices allows Brunswick to undertake complex, cross-border work – whether that’s a financial situation, a regulatory risk or a societal issue.

  5. Brunswick is an advisory firm that provides a full end-to-end service: from strategy to execution, clients rely on Brunswick for insight, advice, planning, preparedness, and campaigns/programs.

  6. As a “one-firm firm” Brunswick operates a single profit center. This is designed to allow the firm to rapidly deploy the right team for the job and to respond seamlessly to clients’ needs.

  7. Brunswick has been built organically as a global partnership with a strong culture and clear shared values. We are ambitious to become the world’s most inclusive and innovative advisory firm.

  8. Brunswick is a relationship business that has been co-created with our clients, always adapting to their changing needs – that’s why we’re the firm they need to deal with complex challenges they face today.

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