Brunswick Group Beijing: One Firm. Globally. | Brunswick Group


Our team in China are the leading advisers counseling multinationals on the critical issues they face operating across China and supporting Chinese companies building global businesses.

In 2006, Brunswick established its presence in the Chinese mainland with our office in Beijing after opening two years earlier in Hong Kong. Today we are a team of more than 140 based in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, working closely with our offices across the region and around the world, advising companies operating across China and Chinese companies going global.

We support clients going through significant corporate milestones—from companies pursuing mergers and acquisitions to those seeking initial public offerings on global exchanges. We are called upon to advise clients whose reputation and business continuity is at risk due to emerging issues and crises. We work closely with clients as they build their reputation among key audiences. Our work spans regulatory and public affairs, corporate responsibility and sustainability, employee communications, media relations, digital and social media engagement, crisis management, and litigation communications.

We are at the forefront of emerging issues in China impacting corporate reputation. From engaging with social media to mitigating cyber security risk and navigating the changing landscape of China’s competition enforcement policy.

Our team in China help multinational clients understand the political, regulatory, economic and cultural environment in China and ensure their corporate relations strategies are set for long-term success.