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The vulnerability spectrum has widened, creating opportunities for Boards and management to lead in a dynamic and uncertain world

We work with C-suite executives and boards to develop bespoke programs to manage non-financial risk, build resilience, and show leadership.  External or internal threats can lead to operational crises that quickly become business-critical governance issues, and boards and management are being held to account for governance failures. Anticipating the risks on the horizon and embracing the challenges improves corporate resilience.

Better governed companies are less vulnerable and benefit from a stronger reputation relative to peers, higher levels of stakeholder trust, and increased shareholder value as well.

With our experience in investor engagement, crisis management, activism, corporate actions, and social purpose narratives, we help shift corporate culture from “compliance” to “leadership” and help companies differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Brunswick has built a diagnostic spectrum that looks at six critical dimensions of corporate resilience: External Environment, Shareholder Alignment, ESG & Regulatory Risk Management, Trust & Reputation, Board Governance, and Culture & Values. We believe that by assessing a company’s present situation, we can converge upon a core proposition with management and/or boards to strengthen resilience.  An action plan may fall into one or more of our specialist offers which include integrated ESG advisory, pre-IPO advisory, activism preparedness and defence, shareholder voting campaigns, governance advisory or transformation, or board governance support.


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