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Daisuke Abe

Daisuke Abe

Director, New York

A former diplomat, Daisuke is purposeful and measured in his approach to multifaceted critical issues.

During his time with the Japanese Foreign Ministry, he was involved in issues ranging from regional security and refugee crises in Africa, and multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations, visiting over 60 countries during his career. During his time at McKinsey, he engaged with service operation transformation projects for large corporate clients in wide-ranging industries. At Brunswick, he helps clients and stakeholders to make sense of complex global issues; creating narratives that are mindful of cross-cultural, market, and geopolitical convolutions.

Daisuke empowers Japanese legacy companies with the tools and direction they need to shape corporate cultures and build businesses that will thrive for generations. Certified in various leadership development assessment instruments during his time with Korn Ferry, his work with leadership teams sees him align with decision-makers to inform positive transformation across organizations and build robust leadership models that form foundations for business development. By designing solutions that place stakeholder engagement at their core, Daisuke supports organizations through a myriad of challenges and crises in the US and Japan. 

His philosophical way of working is rooted in his exploration of important, big-picture questions, and he examines issues from multiple vantage points to garner unique insights and perspectives.

Daisuke has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Tokyo, and a master’s degree in International Economics and US Foreign Policy from the School of Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University. He is a certified professional coach and is fluent in Japanese and English.