Lucy Parker | Brunswick Group
Lucy Parker
The world is saying ‘What else is there to you, besides shareholder value?’

Lucy Parker

Senior Partner, ESG & Sustainable Business Global Lead, London

Lucy is co-author of ‘Everybody’s Business: the unlikely story of how big business can fix the world.’ She is a strategic advisor at the Brunswick Group, working with senior leadership in business. With her co-author, Jon Miller, she leads Brunswick’s practice group focused on one of the world’s most contentious challenges: helping companies get to grips with their role in society. She has more than twenty years’ experience with global corporates across a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to engineering, from retail to telecoms.

Lucy began her working life making documentaries for the BBC, before moving into the business arena helping companies communicate with the investment community and employees, and with civil society and government. In government, from 2008-2010 she led the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Talent and Enterprise, focused on the importance of skills to competitiveness in the global economy.

Lucy writes regularly on the role of business in society, including co-authoring two books with Jon Miller – Everybody’s Business and The Activist Leader.