Jon Miller
The world is asking some tough questions: is your business adding more to the world than it is taking out? Are you playing a positive role in society? Why should we trust you?

Jon Miller

Partner, London

Jon Miller is a partner at Brunswick Group, working with companies to promote the positive contribution they can make in the world, and helping them connect with broader society.

Jon has worked all over the world with global corporates in many sectors, from the US to Asia and Africa. He was a strategist at creative agencies including Ogilvy and Mother, and has created campaigns for many NGOs, such as Amnesty, Greenpeace and WWF.

He founded a coalition of 22 global companies called Open for Business, supporting LGBT rights around the world. He was chosen as one of the Financial Times’ Top 100 LGBT Executives in 2015 and 2016. He has published two books: Everybody’s Business: the Unlikely Story of how Big Business Can Fix The World (co-authored with Lucy Parker) and The Business of Brands (co-authored with David Muir).