Jon Miller | Brunswick Group
Jon Miller
The world is asking some tough questions: is your business adding more to the world than it is taking out? Are you playing a positive role in society? Why should we trust you?

Jon Miller

Partner, ESG & Sustainable Business Global Lead, London

Jon Miller left an award-winning career in advertising to help businesses play a more positive role in the world. He is the founder of Open For Business, a coalition of 40 global companies campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights in countries hostile to LGBTQ+ people, and he was listed in the Financial Times as one of the world’s Top 100 LGBTQ+ Executives.

At Brunswick Group, he is the co-founder of the ESG & Sustainable Business practice, which works with many of the world’s leading companies on their critical societal issues – from climate change and biodiversity to human rights and DEI. He writes regularly on the role of business in society, including co-authoring two books with Lucy Parker – Everybody’s Business and The Activist Leader.