Jon Miller | Brunswick Group
Jon Miller
The world is asking some tough questions: is your business adding more to the world than it is taking out? Are you playing a positive role in society? Why should we trust you?

Jon Miller

Partner, Business & Society Global Lead, London

Jon Miller is a partner at Brunswick Group, working to help companies demonstrate financial value alongside societal value, hand in hand. He is the founder Open For Business, a coalition of 30 global companies promoting LGBT+ equality, focusing on countries that are hostile to LGBT+ rights.

His reports on the economic case for LGBT+ inclusion have helped to reframe the debate, and he is listed as one of the Financial Times’ Top 100 LGBT+ Executives. He writes regularly on the role of business in societal issues, such as inequality, climate change and mental health. He has spoken at high-profile events at Davos, the UN Human Rights Forum, the Milken Institute Global Conference, and Chatham House. He is a regular speaker at PRIDE events all over the world. At Brunswick, he co-leads the global Business & Society team, and he is the co-author, with Lucy Parker, of Everybody’s Business, which looks at how big business can be a force for positive social progress.