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Patrick Wu

Patrick Wu

Partner, Beijing

As a regulatory expert and business leader, Patrick has more than three decades of public affairs and business management experience in China.

His insight into these critical areas has solidified his resilience, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness. Able to connect different perspectives and objectives in any given situation, he has demonstrated efficient coordination and direction in complex circumstances. Having served in diplomatic roles in the UK, Australia, and Singapore, Patrick is skilled at communicating across different cultures and interests—a skill he employs today in transcending siloes to ensure efficiency and progress between people and teams.

Measured, methodical, and with robust strategic analysis capabilities, Patrick has long-term experience in top-level policy analysis circles that informs his approach. His time within the emergency handling unit of the Chinese government honed his ability to think and act with purpose and confidence in a crisis. In the private sector, Patrick’s senior management roles in large state-owned enterprise have been deeply connected to the international business world, and he has managed public affairs and international relations across the region. Advising Brunswick clients in China and around the world in navigating complex situations and critical issues, he thrives under pressure and keeps companies abreast of evolving geopolitical dynamics to ensure their businesses are equipped to adapt and respond to changes.

Patrick has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of International Relations in China and a Master of Science in Public Policy from University College, London. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.