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Catherine Huang

Catherine Huang

Director, Beijing, China Government Affairs Lead

As an expert in Chinese government affairs, Catherine leverages over 30 years’ experience to deliver sound strategic counsel to Brunswick clients.

For all clients, from local companies seeking to maintain communication with government regulators, to international firms looking to decipher barriers and approval processes, Catherine is a valuable ally. Her focus on government affairs has been a critical advantage for those seeking greater transparency and clarity in a complex regulatory and policy environment. Her work in the energy and ICT high-tech sectors has been key to informing clients within the industry of how to succeed, overcome crises, and ensure compliance.

Catherine’s passion for engaging with people has been fundamental to her approach, and she has developed and maintained important relationships with key stakeholders within the central government, to create channels of understanding between those from different industries and those working on public policies. When it comes to government and public affairs work, discipline and delivery are key, and Catherine continues to demonstrate her focus, efficiency, and diligence in every aspect of her advisory work. Able to get up to speed quickly with fast-changing and rapidly developing sectors, including technology solutions and gaming markets, has sharpened her skill for addressing convoluted issues and crises. She is often first port-of-call for multinational clients and team members when it comes to understanding the multiple parties, factors, and intersections at play in any given situation.

Catherine has an EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB). She is fluent in English and Mandarin.