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Amy Wang

Amy Wang

Director, Beijing

Amy’s ability to decipher nuance and gaps in knowledge and information gives her communications work a robust foundation.

Helping clients including financial institutions, technology corporations and NGOs to navigate complex geopolitical issues and dynamics, Amy’s rich experience across a multitude of industries is further strengthened by her proactive approach to engagement. Embracing cultural paradigms and perspectives, she is adept at developing narratives and strategies to engage a broad range of audiences and stakeholders.

Driven and motivated in her work advising clients about the most important developments in the world, Amy works with both Chinese firms looking for international opportunities and international companies with a focus on China. Amy is diligent in building cross-cultural bridges and closing gaps in understanding, thinking on behalf of clients, and equipping them with the information and insight they need to make impactful decisions. Highly accountable and detail-oriented, Amy leads with a quality-assured approach, and she is an invaluable member of the team when it comes to ensuring clarity around complex issues.

Amy is fluent in English and Mandarin, and has a Master of Arts in English Literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University.