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2023 Two Sessions: Delivering the Party’s Blueprint

On Monday, China concluded its annual Two Sessions meetings completing changes in the country’s senior leadership team that started at the 20th Party Congress last October.

Delivering economic growth while ensuring national security dominated discussions this past week. As China reopens after three years of border restrictions, understanding the implications from this year’s gathering is critical for businesses engaged with China.

Some key observations include:

  • The new leadership team—from the Politburo to the State Council—is now in place. The leadership team is aligned and allied to Xi Jinping. Expect this team to execute with singular focus and conviction.
  • Understanding the new leaders in the government will be critical for business, including new State Council leaders’ portfolios which will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Our latest report provides insight on who’s who.
  • In his first meeting with the media on Monday following appointment as Premier, Li Qiang was pragmatic and focused on the economy. He was clear that the economy will be his priority.
  • Significant government restructuring focused on the financial sector, science, technology, and innovation, as well as matters impacting national security.
  • Officials reaffirmed commitment to opening-up and support for foreign investment. While businesses need clear, sustained action to rebuild confidence, we are witnessing government leaning-in and engaging. This presents opportunities for businesses with a clear plan in place.

Our team has been closely reviewing the week-long meetings to capture what’s happened and to decipher the implications to business. 

Should you wish to discuss the Two Sessions and implications, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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