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Brunswick’s Connected Leadership platform is the authoritative resource for understanding modern leadership in a connected world. Our proprietary research shows that there are strong imperatives and opportunities for senior executives to redefine their leadership in an increasingly connected, complex, and digital world.

Some of the most compelling reasons include:

  • 68% of employees and 65% of finance readers in the US expect CEOs say that “being the public face of the company” is part of their role, significantly more than those who cite their role “delivering value to investors.”
  • 49% of investors expect to hear from a CEO online.
  • 3 out of 4 people trust a company more whose CEO is active on social media
  • By a more than 2 to 1 ratio, employees prefer to work for a CEO who uses digital and social media
  • 48% of S&P 500 and FTSE 350 CEOs are present on social media. Every industry now has a successful Connected Leader.

Moreover, there’s a strong connection between a company’s perception as innovative and technologically progressive and the communications of its leaders. And finally, having a strong leadership platform, both online and offline, is now a critical element of crisis and issues preparedness and resiliency.

Our team can help any executive or executive team seize these opportunities with a proven approach that includes strategy, executive vision and values, content, and measurement. Through experience with hundreds of top leaders around the world, we have learned that the priority is to keep the process simple, efficient, and flexible. Our approach will always be tailored to suit the individual context. We understand how to work with senior leaders and pick up their stylistic preferences. We understand the pressures facing executives, and we leverage our strong relationships with the major media, influence, and social platforms on their behalf.

Whether developing an initial effort or refreshing an existing program, we begin with research grounded in real-world business objectives to ensure leadership communications are meaningful, valuable, and sustainable. We work across the spectrum from advisory to support to full execution, with individual leaders or teams, and along the way we always aim to improve the capability of our clients' organization.

Our team is made up of experienced digital strategists, media relations experts, and executive communications professionals who have advised many of the Connected Leaders in the Connected Leadership Index.

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