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Our network of security advisers, regulators, lawyers, media, politicians, analysts, investors and NGOs is unparalleled. Our relationships give our clients insight into the views of their most important stakeholders.

Data Breach Debrief

Learn how Under Armour’s response to a cyber attack achieved the seemingly impossible: Rather than fueling outrage, it actually drew praise. 

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We bring real expertise and experience to cyber threats, and help you prepare for and respond to cyber incidents while fiercely protecting your reputation, including:


  • Risk analysis
  • Cyber crisis playbook
  • Simulation and training
  • Employee education

Crisis Response

  • C-suite and Board incident management advice
  • Rapid-response campaign plan, rollout, and execution
  • Media handling
  • On-the-ground support
  • Incident media analysis

Corporate Positioning

  • Data narrative development
  • Public affairs
  • Thought leadership  

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