Sunitha Chalam | Brunswick Group
Sunitha  Chalam

Sunitha Chalam

Partner, Singapore Office Head

An expert at navigating the interconnected concerns of political, financial, and social players, Sunitha specializes in government relations, media and technology, and public affairs.

Prior to joining Brunswick, Sunitha was in the Singapore Foreign Service for 11 years, where she handled bilateral relations with Indonesia and France, and represented Singapore in global climate change negotiations. Today she coordinates geopolitical advisory work for Brunswick in Asia.

Sunitha’s cross-border work with leading technology companies is informed by her thorough and nuanced understanding of complex political dynamics, regulatory issues, risk management, and corporate-operations issues. Detail and solution oriented, Sunitha is unafraid to table bold ideas when advising clients on how best to position themselves, engage with stakeholders and international governments, and act ethically.

From AI to NGO crises, shareholder activism to cybersecurity, Sunitha’s comfort zone knows no limits. She is markedly adept at distilling convoluted problems into decision-making opportunities.

Sunitha was awarded a scholarship from the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study Political Science and Economics at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Grenoble, France.