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China’s Global Ambitions: Through the World’s Eyes

Brunswick Insight’s Peter Zysk and Rachael Layfield on China’s growing influence.

In October-November of 2018, Brunswick Insight surveyed 7,500 members of the public across 18 countries where Chinese businesses have significant investments and ambitions, with an eye toward public views of Chinese leadership. Globally, nearly half, 44 percent, named a Chinese company as a leader in its industry. Technology companies led the pack, especially Alibaba, Huawei and Xiaomi.


We also surveyed 300 business leaders at Chinese companies with either a presence or aspirations abroad. Nearly all of them, 94 percent, say that international acquisition has become a more important focus for their business over the past year and, while they see opportunity growing in the China market, nearly half, 49 percent, report exports and sales outside of China have become much more important.

Read the complete “New Perceptions on China Going Global Report” online, including the survey results and Brunswick’s analysis.

Technology Sector

Companies in the tech sector, such as Alibaba, Huawei and Xiaomi, are most frequently cited as industry leaders.

44% of the Public

Almost half of the those surveyed named a Chinese company as leading its industry.

Emerging Markets

Recognition of industry leadership is the highest in emerging markets, especially Southeast Asia.

Peter Zysk is co-lead of Brunswick Insight’s Asia practice. Both he and Rachael Layfield are Directors in the firm’s Beijing office.

Illustration: Peter Hoey 

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