New Perceptions of China Going Global report | Brunswick Group

New Perceptions of China Going Global report

Brunswick's 'New Perceptions of China Going Global’ report captures public perceptions of Chinese investment into 18 markets around the world, from Germany, the UK and the US, to 15 countries along the Belt and Road, such as India and South Africa.

In addition, we capture the views of 300 Chinese business leaders on topics such as their global ambitions, the US-China relationship, and Brexit.

Key findings show that: 

  • Undeterred Global Ambitions: Chinese business leaders see international expansion as a core pillar of their sustained growth.
  • “Brand China” is Strong but Poses Risks: Despite the high-profile trade spat between the US and China, Chinese companies generally have a positive image in the markets surveyed. However, there is shallow trust in Chinese companies and concerns about low transparency, environmental practices, and IP theft.
  • US Alone in Trade Concerns; UK Expects Brexit to Strengthen Trade Relationship: 71% of the global sample say their country has a fair trade relationship with China. The US is an outlier, with perceptions evenly split. Yet Chinese business leaders are optimistic that trade relations with the US will improve over the next 12 months.
  • A Global Story, Told by Others: Other voices are telling the story for Chinese businesses. While media reports, social media commentary, and word of mouth are the key sources of information about Chinese companies globally, direct information from Chinese companies is a key source of trusted information, more of which can help build support and deepen trust.