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Peter Zysk

Peter Zysk

Partner, Insight Asia-Pacific Lead, Beijing

Combining the science of data and the art of communications, Peter leads Brunswick Insight in Asia, where he has helped to establish and build the opinion research and analytics practice in the region from the ground up.

An authority on creating powerful communications programs rooted in data and insight, Peter is also a founding member of the Brunswick Insight team in the US. He employs a wide variety of research methodologies, opinion research, and analytics capabilities to advise multinational companies on their positioning in Asia and Chinese companies on their international expansion strategies and positioning.

By examining critical issues facing China in light of research and analysis on interconnecting global markets, Peter is able to offer stakeholders a clear picture of the world around them. Building on a foundation of evidence-based data and relevant insight, Peter takes a rigorous, intellectual approach to communications strategy, ensuring his advisory work keeps pace with accelerating global change and increasingly complex global issues. His focused interest in international public opinion of China, and of Chinese public opinion of businesses operating in the country, informs the much sought-after commentary he provides for international and Chinese companies.

Peter has bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Asian Studies from Gonzaga University, and a master’s degree in International Affairs from American University’s School of International Service.