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2022 Digital Investor Survey

Brunswick’s Digital Investor Survey is a comprehensive review that explores how institutional investors gain information, how they evaluate company communications and the impact those insights have on their investment decisions. We surveyed 250 institutional investors with $7.1T assets under management globally. The sample includes only active money managers at major institutions. Scroll to read the full report or download the 2 page summary with key takeaways.

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Four graphs – two pie charts and two bar charts – respectively depicting data on buy-side active-only investors, large and small investment firms, diverse sector experts, and global respondents.

Janelle Nowak-Santo, Partner, Brunswick Group

By exploring topics that matter to these investors, such as the channels they’re using and the information they find useful to gain through company communications, we can provide valuable advice for understanding, setting and executing investor communications across traditional and digital channels. 

Janelle Nowak-Santo Partner

Top 5 investor behaviors relating to preferred digital platforms that host investment conversations.

Digital channels are a daily tool for investors


80% of investors use a digital or social media source at least once a day.

56% of investors indicate their use of digital communications has increased in the last 12 months. Their use as a daily tool continues to increase, but not at the same rate for all platforms.

Whilst TikTok, Reddit and Twitter had the fastest growth*, use of Google, IR websites and newsletters are saturated and saw little increase. Communicators should be paying more attention to platforms within the ‘trending’ category below, and considering incorporating these platforms within their investor communications program. Platforms in this group saw moderate increases in use, however they are used more widely by investors overall.

Discerning investors are looking to the following digital platforms when making investment decisions: TikTok, reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, podcasts, internet, email communication, and Google.

*Use of TikTok, Reddit and Twitter increased by 54%, 48% and 44% respectively, in the last 12 months.

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Investors are leaning on company IR websites more than ever

65% of investors use IR websites to get information that is more accurate than traditional media

As skepticism of media intensifies, investors are turning to company IR websites as their most trusted digital source. This is great news for companies hoping to tell their stories directly to investors - having a strong website is a must.

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Despite the importance of these websites, many companies are not using them to their fullest advantage. Brunswick conducted analysis of all IR websites on the S&P 500 and found there is still significant digital integration needed at even the largest companies.

Pie chart showing that 38% of investor websites lack a FAQ page. Brunswick’s Digital Investor Survey reveals that websites are more likely to link to Twitter than LinkedIn, but investors are more likely to trust LinkedIn.

Brunswick's proprietary analysis of S&P 500 IR websites, conducted Q4 2021

Investors want to hear from companies across various digital touchpoints.

Investors rely on a focused group of outlets when it comes to newsletters, podcasts, and subreddits. Whether you're pitching, planning paid media campaigns, or monitoring conversations on Reddit, these are the most frequented sources for institutional investors.

More than half of investors are using digital for information they haven't found anywhere else.

Digital and social media help close traditional media gaps, providing information faster than other sources. Preference for platforms reflects investor needs. Institutional investors prioritize these digital and social media sources in order to...

Series of three bar graphs illustrating how investors’ preference in digital platforms reflects their needs.


Watch a conversation with the authors of the 2022 Digital Investor Survey as they review the key findings from the report.

Effective digital communication is especially key in moments of crisis

Investors see value in digital channels before a crisis hits. Three main benefits emerged ahead of facing a crisis or critical situation.

Investors turn to digital channels to be able to control the narrative in a crisis, demonstrate the value of customers, and boost their credibility to with a consistent message across all platforms.

After a crisis, clear and straightforward messages are best. Investors want the basics; provide event details, relevant updates, and actions.

Investors are looking for essential details in a crisis, which means companies should be transparent, manage downside risks, and establish the truth.

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Crafting an investor narrative is particularly important at key moments. We found consensus among investors on what they don't want to hear in those narratives.

Investors agree that having a strong investment narrative matters most during financial situations...

Five pie graphs illustrating the importance a strong investment narrative: when conducting mergers & acquisitions, when listing new shares, when facing shareholder activists, when installing a new CEO, and when facing litigation.

...But institutional investors still see common pitfalls within investment narratives

5 Commonmistakes

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