Jebsen | Brunswick Group


Repositioning a traditional brand to elevate its brand image.

A family-owned business with strong business focus in Greater China for more than 125 years, Jebsen Group is a leading brand builder and a focused marketing, investment and distribution organisation.

Brunswick Creative was tasked to support Jebsen Group’s brand refresh as an agile, innovative, and modernised company with excellent foresight while acknowledging its 125+ years legacy. It was a collaborative process with Brunswick where we leveraged insights from their corporate narrative work for the company to develop the refreshed brand positioning and brand values.

The visual identity was updated to express the new brand. The heritage of the brandmark was retained and a fresh colour palette was introduced to the visual identity system to signal the brand transformation. As part of the digital transformation journey, a user-centric corporate website was then created as the very first digital touch point for the refreshed Jebsen brand to articulate the updated brand story and bring the brand to life.

The Jebsen brand is elevated and modernised with a refreshed brand story, expressed through a visual identity that is dynamic and progressive. The corporate website serves as an important touchpoint to engage with its stakeholder audiences, therefore enhancing its corporate reputation.

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