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Simplifying the complex, to communicate a huge AI breakthrough in tackling patient suffering and mortality. 

Diaverum, one of the world’s leading providers of renal care services, were keen to share their breakthrough AI model for vascular access thrombosis prediction. The AI model represents a significant step forward in their ability to predict and prevent VA thrombosis episodes among haemodialysis patients. They needed a strategy and narrative that simplified this complex breakthrough in a way that explained the life-saving benefits for patients, meaningful gains for all audiences, and evidenced their wider digital transformation.

Understand, Simplify, Communicate. From the wealth of content provided by specialist stakeholders, we distilled down the core elements of the breakthrough AI model, translating them into simple accessible communication tools. At its heart was an impactful, bespoke, animation that explained and simplified the AI model and its benefits for all audiences. Premiered at the webinar where Diaverum explained how they are using AI to personalise and enhance treatment. Preceded by a multi-stage social media campaign to raise awareness and professional sign up for the event. Our team on the ground hosted and broadcast the webinar as well as designing staging, conference material and communications materials. Simplifying the complex, to communicate a huge breakthrough in improving renal patient survival.​

The webinar was aimed at a highly targeted audience, Diaverum were thrilled to gain 491 unique specialist viewers. This is a fantastic result for a niche professional audience and shows the reach and impact of social media as a tool for engaging such audiences.


Brunswick Group were instrumental to the successful delivery of such milestone announcement for Diaverum, its patients and employees, as well as healthcare systems and professionals around the world. Their ample expertise, multidisciplinary offering and integrated approach created the right platform for us to deliver compelling, relatable and clear content across digital, social and multimedia channels to win hearts and minds of our diverse audiences.

Bruno Pamplona Polizio VP, Stakeholder Communications

To find out more about the Diaverum AI project or how we can help you communicate complex subject matter, please get in touch with James McCobb or Martin Martin

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