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Digital New Year's resolutions

Happy New Year from Brunswick Digital!

Let’s kick off 2023 by focusing on your digital presence. Not sure where to begin your digital journey?

Check out Brunswick Digital’s New Year's resolutions:

1. Clean up your digital profiles
Look at your profile information, pictures, and old content. Ask yourself: Is anything on your profiles that could benefit from an update? Is your old content still necessary or helpful for your audience? If not, remove it.

2. Change your passwords
There is nothing more important than efficient digital security. In today's digital landscape, a security breach of your social platforms could have an enormous influence on your company's reputation, performance and efficiency. Don’t give cyber criminals an entry point to your internal systems.

3. Know on which platform you are active and who you want to reach there
Define who you want to address on digital platforms and choose your platform presences based on this. We all know those profiles which exist but are not used at all. It might be time to deactivate that old company Facebook profile from 2012.

4. Be platform and recipient specific in your content
We can differentiate between platforms based on users and their preferences. Create a content plan having the differences in mind.

5. Do not be shy, it is good and fun to be creative
We all know what classic LinkedIn or Twitter posts look like. Trust yourself and your communication team and be brave trying out new content A TikTok dance or video AMA (= Ask Me Anything) with the CEO might just be what your company needs.

Get in touch if we can help you with any digital need
If you feel uncertain about these points or feel the need to talk to digital experts on how to bring your digital presence to the next level, contact our digital team.

We look forward to an exciting new year full of digital opportunities!

Your Brunswick Digital Team