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Deepali Bagati joins Brunswick Group as a Partner in New York to advise clients on Inclusion and Diversity

Brunswick Group, the strategic advisory firm focused on critical issues, today announced that Deepali Bagati has joined as a Partner in the New York office. Deepali will focus on helping clients innovate and advance on Inclusion and Diversity issues.

Deepali has more than 20 years’ experience in driving and implementing organizational change, empowering leaders across a wide range of industries to create and sustain a culture of innovation, equity, inclusivity and diversity. Most recently, as a Director and Head of Client Success at The Medici Group, she drove strategy and operations, talent development and systems to scale clients’ Inclusion and Diversity efforts most effectively.

At Brunswick, Deepali will work closely with colleagues across the world to enhance the firm’s advice to clients on the full spectrum of Inclusion and Diversity issues.  

Neal Wolin, Chief Executive Officer, said: “There is no set of issues more important for business leaders in this moment than Inclusion and Diversity. Organizations need experienced, strategic counsel to help identify new opportunities, think through complex challenges and take meaningful steps to advance their Inclusion and Diversity efforts. Deepali has a long track-record of driving culture change for a range of organizations on these critical issues and will add immense value to our clients globally.”

Nicole Reboe, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity, said: “Brunswick’s strength lies in bringing together the unique lived experiences of global team members and our network of relationships to help clients widen perspectives and build capability in key areas, including Inclusion and Diversity. We’re excited for Deepali to develop further our Inclusion and Diversity capability and to bring our expertise on vital issues to a growing set of clients.”

On joining Brunswick, Deepali Bagati said: “The world is at a critical juncture, where there is an opportunity to make great strides on Inclusion and Diversity at an unprecedented pace. I look forward to joining Brunswick to help clients understand the changing nature of expectations around Inclusion and Diversity and to create the narratives and leadership positions that demonstrate commitment and action.”

About Deepali Bagati 
Deepali has spent most of her recent career leveraging Inclusion and Diversity best practices to drive innovation. She is a public speaker, writer and researcher on inclusive leadership, gender, race, ethnicity and other Inclusion and Diversity issues.

Most recently, as the Director at The Medici Group, she oversaw strategy and operations, talent development and Client Success, managing a team to help clients create and sustain a culture of innovation and inclusion. Prior to that, she was Executive Director of U.S. and Global Corporate Engagement at Catalyst, a global non-profit working with large companies to build workplaces that work for women. She led Catalysts largest markets, the U.S. and APAC, and led the global expansion of Catalyst into India.

Deepali holds a PhD in Social Work & Social Research from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania and a Masters in Social Work and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Delhi in India.

About Brunswick Group
Brunswick is a strategic advisory firm focused on critical issues. Our purpose is to help the great value-creating organizations of the world play a more successful role in society. We advise on critical issues at the center of business, politics and society, and help our clients – the leaders of large, complex organizations – understand and navigate these interconnected worlds. Brunswick is one firm globally, operating as a single profit center. This allows us to respond seamlessly and effectively to clients’ needs wherever they are in the world.

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