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When businesses say privacy, consumers hear security

Brunswick Insight study finds that consumers worldwide rarely distinguish between data privacy and security.

According to a new study published today in the Brunswick Review Spotlight on Cybersecurity, consumers see little difference between data privacy and security. The study, conducted by Brunswick Insight, surveyed more than 7,000 consumers across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The study also found that while data is becoming increasingly important to companies, consumers are expressing a growing fear of data theft and a deepening skepticism about how their personal information is collected and protected. In fact, data showed that for the majority of consumers worldwide, concerns about the security and privacy of personal data top those about the economy, war, healthcare or climate change.

“As a result, any data announcement is interpreted through the lens of security concerns, creating a challenging corporate communications environment,” said study author Peter Zysk of Brunswick Insight.

“Consumers hold companies to a high standard of accountability when it comes to protecting their personal data, so when bad things happen in the cyber realm, companies have to assume they will be blamed,” said George Little, former Pentagon and CIA spokesman and head of Brunswick Group’s cybersecurity practice.

“Companies can do a better job of creating solutions and explaining how those solutions protect personal information. Cybersecurity is not only a technology issue, it’s a critical business issue with business and reputational risks,” added Little.

The full survey results can be found here.

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