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Ryan Zheng

Ryan Zheng

Director, Shanghai

With about 20 years’ experience in media and corporate affairs, Ryan is an accomplished communications and crisis management professional.

He is a valued advisor to some of China’s leading businesses, working with companies across the consumer, healthcare, hospitality, and property sectors. Ryan incorporates extensive analysis into his advice and strategies, bringing fresh insights and diverse perspectives to complex issues as he supports organisations navigating uncharted waters. Not only attendant to current crises, Ryan helps clients strike new paths into the future as well.

The need for clear and purposeful strategic advice has never been more acute, and Ryan’s journalistic mindset—a legacy of his experience working with leading news and media outlets—is an invaluable resource in today’s world. His commitment to uncovering the facts, his strong media networks, and his established relationships within the media industry are a bulwark against any number of critical issues.

Ryan is a two-time winner of the Guangdong Broadcasting Journalism Award. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Journalism and Communications from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and he has a master’s degree in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds. He is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.