Connie Jia | Brunswick Group

Connie Jia

Partner, Industrials & Infrastructure Asia-Pacific Lead, Shanghai

Over more than 20 years in communications, Connie has finely tuned her understanding of how clients think, feel, and operate.

She is a specialist in reputation building, crisis management, and employee engagement, a legacy of a unique career journey that has unfolded alongside China’s dynamic and complex auto industry. Her well-honed strategic approach stems from her years of experience handling a breadth of issues within the auto world—from intricate supply chains and transformative technologies, to fast-changing business operations. Today, she wields her formidable expertise within a wide range of sectors, including technology, industrials, logistics, and consumer. 

Connie’s rock-solid track record building trust with clients and confidently navigating multifaceted industries has bolstered her skill in resourcing and effective team building. She thrives when working on a shifting spectrum of issues and mandates, using her proactive mindset to prioritise the most pressing issues swiftly and bring about a clear, strong strategic direction. When empowering leading corporations, Connie thinks like an industry player, maximising opportunities and minimising risks while delivering relevant, focused advice to a diverse international client base.

Connie has a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Adelaide. She is fluent in Mandarin and English.