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NextGen: “AI- when software does your job"

The Munich team hosted a NextGen Event under the title "Al - when software does your job,” around the effects of "artificial intelligence" on the future way of work.


Our guest speaker was Johannes Sommer, CEO at Retresco, a content automation company which is developing solutions for companies that want to improve the usage of their content and data.


Johannes Sommer explained the opportunities and risks of automatically generated content and also showed live examples of text generation and a chatbot. These texts are products of what is referred to as “robot journalism” - created by a text engine which was developed by Retresco. 


In the coming years we expect more and more collaboration between human and machine, which could potentially also endanger jobs. It seems that the communications industry will most likely not be affected as much. According to Mr. Sommer, "intellectual professions" - those which are intuitive and experience-based - will be difficult to teach the machine and therefore left to humans opposed to machines.


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