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Shaping the workforce of the future

In this latest qualitative study, Brunswick asked CHROs and CEOs from 13 DAX companies and other large German enterprises about tomorrow's working world.

The digitalization of business is advancing with great strides. A host of studies documents this digital transformation's profound impact on the economy and the working world. In Germany alone, technology built on big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and the like, will eventually perform hundreds of thousands of tasks and jobs that today are done by humans. At the same time, the use of digital technologies is also changing the way people interact within and with the company. The pressure on executives to take action is mounting. Employees, trade unions and investors are demanding answers. They want to know how individual companies are responding to the digital transformation and how the corporate strategy is being adapted to these realities. But are companies really responding and adapting? And if they are, how exactly and to what extent are they doing so?

As part of the qualitative study ”Shaping the Workforce of the Future”, Brunswick spoke to CHROs and CEOs of 13 DAX companies and other large German enterprises. The aim of these one-on-one interviews, was to find out how companies are preparing for tomorrow's working world. The study focused on four key questions:

  • What are the main challenges for companies with regard to the working world of the future?
  • What actions are large enterprises taking to prepare for and shape the work of the future?
  • How are the demands on leadership and the role of HR changing as a result of the digital transformation?
  • Which social responsibilities are companies assuming in this transformative process?

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