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Putting patients at the heart of care

Diaverum is one of the world’s largest providers of renal care with a strong belief that everyone deserves a fulfilling life. Everyday their vital treatments help patients with chronic kidney disease stay alive for longer.

We partnered with their leadership team to go on a journey of digital transformation, building a smarter and more flexible business tailored around the ever-changing needs of their patients. Starting with their corporate website we designed a refreshed visual identity, sparking a new conversation around empowering patients and elevating their voice in the industry.

Inspired by a true patient focus the new identity has a warm and human tone, combining a vibrant colour palette with a conversational font to communicate a passionate and service driven business with real personality. Evoking compassion and emotion, embracing the closeness between patient and nurse, the page layouts actively use layering to visually communicate a sense of care.

Organised around a global design system, the site offers tailored content and full localisation is to come. Insight and data are the foundation of the new analytical framework, that will allow a continuous stream of powerful insights to enable us to adapt and change the experience around future needs and how people use the website.


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