Webinar: The mental health challenge for business: is COVID-19 a watershed?

Mental health has been rising up the agenda in recent years, as rates of anxiety, depression and substance abuse have sharply increased around the world. Concerns about the mental health impacts of COVID-19 have intensified the conversation, and highlighted gaps in mental health support for people.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of anxiety, depression and substance abuse were sharply increasing around the world. Now, the psychological impacts of the lockdowns have intensified the global focus on mental health – and the role of business is coming into greater focus.  

People want to know: how can companies be part of the solution? Or are they part of the problem? Are they encouraging employees to talk about mental health – or pushing them to their limits? And how are companies thinking about the mental health impacts of their products and services?

Brunswick's experts explore what corporate leadership now looks like on mental health.

With various annual mental health awareness high-points across the world drawing to a close, we will show why this is a critical issue for companies, and explore the new frontier of business action on this challenge

Our panel of experts include:


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