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Brunswick Briefing: Climate Geopolitics

On Thursday 7th November 2019, Brunswick hosted a briefing on Climate Geopolitics at Chatham House. We started with presentations from Brunswick's Phil Drew and Jon Miller, and from Former Minister for Energy & Climate Change Amber Rudd. We then hosted a panel moderated by Partner Lucy Parker, including Rupert Read, Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, Professor Tim Benton Director of the Energy, Environment & Resources Department at Chatham House, Tom Burke Founder & Chairman of E3G and Eliot Whittington, Director of Policy at Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. 

This briefing focused on:

  1. What are the current geopolitics of climate change? What are connections to national economic strategies, resource dependencies, energy policies, global trade relationships, security alliances and other considerations?

  2. What are the future geopolitics of climate change - given the latest science-based projections on climate impacts on food systems, water security, health and economic growth?

  3. What is the global business response to climate change? Which companies have already taken significant action, and which have made net zero commitments? How are the world’s leading investors responding?

Please note that this event was under Chatham House Rule. 

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