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Reboot your corporate digital communications in 2022

If you’re not already thinking about it, 2022 is the year that you should be rebooting your corporate digital communications. During the pandemic we saw a significant change in investor and stakeholder behaviour, with many investors turning to online channels and liking what they found.

Patrick Eastwood, Partner in Asia outlines his five tips to approaching this new world of corporate digital communications.

  1. Invest in creative content. Integrating higher quality creative content into all aspects of digital communications is a sure-fire way to enhance storytelling. Audiences now expect high quality visual content across all of their digital channels - videos, animations, infographics, data visualisation etc. – to supplement written communications. Visual content is proven to deliver higher engagement levels and messaging recall, but the key is brevity when audience attention spans are so short. Not having a film strategy in 2022 is to not having a digital strategy in 2000 and a priority for any corporate communicator in 2022.
  1. Go virtual. Covid-19 and travel restrictions have forced companies to embrace virtual events over in-person ones. While for many this has been a steep learning curve it has allowed companies to reach larger audiences than ever before via live streaming. A well-executed virtual event reflects well on a brand. Audience expectations for virtual events – whether employee town halls, capital markets days or investor roadshows – is on the rise. Using creativity to deliver memorable and engaging events, often adopting a hybrid approach of pre-recorded and live content, is becoming the standard.
  1. Be more social. Many companies and Executives have been slow to embrace social media as a channel for reaching audiences. While the company website remains the key destination for audiences outside of China when researching a company, having a presence and point of view on social media is more important than ever before. Traditional corporate channels like LinkedIn are key, but if you want to speak to investors, employees or attract talent then head for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even TikTok. Or if you’re in China Sina Weibo, WeChat, Youku or Douyin. And remember, use social as a feedback and business tool not as broadcast medium.
  1. Be safe. Be cybersecure. The explosion of remote working and a rapid adoption of technology in the workplace in recent years has opened up companies and employees to cyberattacks that increase the potential for operational and reputational damage. Investing in ongoing campaigns to raise employee awareness of phishing, spear phishing and other potential security threats is a priority in a cloud-first communications world. 
  1. Deepen your understanding of AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform corporate communications. Whether it’s a knowledge assistant / chatbot for your brand's newsroom designed to cater to media questions, a translation tool on your website or a listening tool that tells you how audiences are perceiving your brand in real-time, AI is an increasingly valuable tool for digital corporate communicators.

For any business evolving and innovating is imperative and, digital has a significant role to play in this. If you have any questions about changing your approach corporate digital communications, please feel free to get in touch with the team.

Author: Patrick Eastwood, Partner, Asia.