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The Talk at Brunswick: The 2020 campaign trail—Jonathan Burks, Patti Solis Doyle

Former advisors for Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton talk to Editor Kevin Helliker in this edition of Brunswick Review's podcast.

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The strangeness and struggles of the 2020 race for the US presidency—that was the topic being discussed by Brunswick Partners Jonathan Burks, a former Republican strategist, and Patti Solis Doyle, a veteran of Democratic campaigns and former advisor to Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton. They spoke at the end of June with Brunswick Editor-in-Chief Kevin Helliker, a Pulitzer Prize winner formerly with The Wall Street Journal. Their conversation touched on the impacts of civil unrest and the pandemic, as well as the more typical complexities of political life in a sharply divided and demographically diverse America.


Left, Jonathan Burks walking with former Speaker Paul Ryan; at right, Patti Solis Doyle with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

COVID-19 restrictions were a prominent concern. A candidate whose greatest strength may well be his in-person ability to bond with voters, Joe Biden had spent months being forced to campaign via video from his basement. Meanwhile the incumbent was strongly criticizing the science of quarantine in a ramp-up to resuming the mass rallies that have been a staple of his strategy. But the two also eagerly debated whether it was possible to flip the Senate, if political control of the House could change hands and what a victory for Democrats in North Carolina or Republicans in Michigan might mean.

Kevin’s complete write-up of the interview, “Between the Aisles” appears in Brunswick Review’s ongoing, online magazine, Issue X: The COVID-19 Edition.

Excerpts of Kevin’s interview with Jon and Patti are featured as Episode 2 of our new podcast, “The Talk at Brunswick,” where we offer excerpts of conversations with the leaders in business, culture and political life that go into each issue of the Brunswick Review. Click on the player above to listen.