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The Five G's that Define the World

Generations, Gender, Geography, Global Cities, and Graduation

The Five G's

While it is convenient to generalize about "bubbles", Millennials and the like, these easy labels do not tell the full story.



When we interrogated our data, we discovered that the world is better defined by five dimensions which drive attitudes, perspectives, and actions.

  • Generations – Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers
  • Gender – Men and Women
  • Geography – Emerging vs Developed Markets
  • Global cities – City dwellers vs those living outside of cities
  • Graduation – People with degrees and without

The 48 Faces

Through the lens of these Five G's, we identified 48 Faces, each representing a unique perspective on Today, Tomorrow, the World, and their Work.

Meet the faces

The whole story

See what we learned about financial optimism, opinions of business, and the seven assumptions that elites make (incorrectly) about the world.

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