Janos Goenczoel | Brunswick Group
Janos Goenczoel
It is rewarding to see that we can really help our clients in very special situations. This is what makes the difference!

Janos Goenczoel

Senior Advisor, Munich

Janos has been at Brunswick Group since 2010. He has over 30 years of experience in strategic communications, especially in complex corporate crises. He advises companies around compliance, litigation, governance and performance issues, as well as on leadership changes and restructurings. This also includes advising companies on how to rebuild their reputations after critical situations.

Prior to Brunswick, Janos was responsible for Siemens' global communications activities during which time, the company was going through one of the biggest restructurings and portfolio changes at the time, as well as severe crises. Janos studied law in Munich and Paris and is a qualified lawyer.

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