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James Ashton and The Nine Types of Leader

As today's corporate leadership is forged in the flames of a global pandemic and economic recession, the leadership of tomorrow will undoubtedly have a lot to learn from the tough circumstances of 2020.

James Ashton, former City Editor of the Evening Standard and Sunday Times, author, and podcaster, will be joining us to drill into the driving forces behind some of today's most prominent corporate leaders after the recent publication of his new book The Nine Types of Leader.

Following hundreds of firsthand interviews with CEOs and other industry leaders, James has distilled his findings into sharp, journalistic view of differing leadership styles, where they can be found and where they are most successful.

James will be joined by Caroline Daniel, Brunswick Partner, veteran journalist, and former Editor of the Weekend FT for a discussion on James' fascinating research, his conclusions, and the wider media landscape and relationship with corporate leadership. The conversation will be moderated by Brunswick Partner Aideen Lee.

We hope you can join us.

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