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The human factors in German politics

An analysis of the new generation entering German politics and possible impacts

Germany's imperturbable chancellor Angela Merkel rode out a stormy government crisis, but the winds of change are sweeping the next generation of policymakers into power. And this new group of hopefuls is pro-European.

The coalition deal is done; the political plums have been doled out with new ministers taking office. Now chancellor Angela Merkel is to be heard chanting the mantra of a "new dynamic for Germany." The public, however, greeted the CDU, CSU and SPD's reprised joint government with shrugs rather than hugs. Expectations have flat-lined. There is a hint of Biedermeier in the air - that early 19th century period when the middle class's mistrust of authorities have rise to political apathy. Back then, the disenchanted bourgeoisie turned to private pursuits for distraction. Today, skepticism again clouds Germans' views of the nation, Europe and the world.


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