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Welcome to another edition of Brunswick's executive playbook for the critical issues facing global organizations.

This month, our China Hub, Geopolitical and US Public Affairs, Policy and Regulatory teams examined what steps executives should take in response to the new US TikTok law. And the "rock star of taxation" Pascal Saint-Amans lays out what the C-Suite needs to know about coming tax disclosure rules (hint: it's not just a matter for the tax team anymore).

We'll also help you understand the EU's new corporate due diligence directive on climate, bring you a legal view on the use of AI in healthcare and take a look at the implications of India's ongoing elections.

Let’s get started.

Are You Ready for the business implications of a TikTok ban?

US President Joe Biden has signed a bill that mandates a significant restructuring of TikTok's operations in the United States, driven by concerns from US lawmakers and intelligence agencies about potential foreign surveillance and data privacy breaches.

This carries significant implications for businesses, especially those engaged with China or the global technology sector. It prompts a need to reassess investment strategies, operational risks and compliance requirements.

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Did You Know that new tax transparency rules will soon take effect - and could have critical reputational impact?

Following an agreement by G20 countries, companies exceeding €750 million ($795 million) in annual revenue are currently obliged to report their country-by-country operations to tax administrations.

Now, the EU has adopted rules to make this information public for operations in the region.

Companies need to reflect on how their tax stories, as revealed by public reporting, can help them build -- or at the very least not damage -- public, employee and stakeholder trust.

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